Our team travels the world to stock up on products and ingredients that can make a difference in the creation and manufacturing of your beverages or drinks.

Give us a customized product or service.

Types of Application

Whey-based drinks

Soy-based drinks

Rice-based drinks

Energy drinks

Flavoured milk drinks

Substitute drinks

Cappuccino powder

Hot chocolate

Coffee creamer


Chocolate milk powder


Yogurt drinks

And much, much more…

Types of Application

WPC Hydrolyzed
WPC Hydrolyzed Clear
Hydrolyzed Casein
(Powder, Liquid or Crisp)
Goat Lactose
Whey Powder (WP)
WP Demineralized
WPP (Whey Permeate Powder)
Lactose (food and pharmaceutical grade)
(Regular and Instant)
WPI 90% 20 kg
MPI 90% 20 kg
Organic WPC 80 – 90% Regular/Instant; Ecocert – NOP
Organic MPC 80 – 85% Regular/Instant; Ecocert – NOP
Grass Fed WPC 80%
(Regular and Instant)
MPC 70%
MPC 80%
MPC 85%
WPC 80%
IWPC 80%

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