What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the pre-milk substance produced by female mammals following the birth of the newborn. Colostrum supplies immune and growth factors and a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to activate the immune system and ensuring health, vitality and growth of the newborn.

Over 2,000 research papers strongly support both colostrum and its numerous components for Immune Health, Gut Health, Sports Performance and Recovery. Numerous studies show that colostrum and its components continue to provide important benefits when given to adults with no reports of allergic or anaphylactic reactions.

All ImuniPro Colostrum products are antibiotic, rBST free and tested from collection at the dairies to the finished product. Through over 300 Standard Operation Prodecures that control all aspects of the production process and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), our products are continually checked for potency and safety.

The immunoglobulin type G (IgG) content of colostrum is the traditional measure of its quality and effectiveness. IgG are tested and quantified in each batch of colostrum powders to ensure quality for maximum effectiveness.

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Typical composition of Skim Colostrum Powder

The most important components of colostrum can be broken down into three major categories: Immune System Factors, Growth Factors and Nutritional Components.

Immune System Factors

The most abundant immune factors found in colostrum are:

Growth Factors

Growth factors are proteins or polypeptides that bind to receptors on the cell surface, with the primary result of activating cellular proliferation and/or differentiation.13
The most abundant of the growth factors found in colostrum are:13

  • Epithelial growth factor (EgF).
  • Insulin-like growth factor I and II (IGF-I and IGF-II).
  • Fibroblast growth factor (FgF).
  • Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF).
  • Transforming growth factors (TGF).
  • Growth hormone (GH).

IGF-I, TGF and EGF growth factors are of specific interest in regard to athletic performance and the anti-aging process.14, 15

  • Stimulate muscle and bone cell proliferation and development.
  • Stimulate tissue repair and wound healing.

Nutritional Components

Colostrum is a combination of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E), minerals (Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc) and amino acids (essential and non-essential) that are naturally occurring in a perfect combination.

Colostrum is a source of essential fats, including phospholipids which have beneficial health effects:16

  • Regulation of inflammatory reactions.
  • Inhibition of the cholesterol absorption.
  • Improvement of brain functions.
  • Improvement of hyperactivity disorder.
  • Improvement of endurance athletes.

The Benefits of ImuniPro Colostrum Powders

ImuniPro Colostrum products provide high levels of IgG and are a natural source of Immune System Factors, Growth factors, Nutritional Components and Essential fats, including Phospholipids.

Certified Quality Assurance & Safety

ImuniPro Colostrum is monitored and traced from collection at the dairies to the finished product. With world-class quality assurance, 42 separate tests are conducted on raw colostrum and over 50 tests are conducted on the finished colostrum prior to shipment.

The immunoglobulin type G (IgG) content of colostrum is the traditional measure of its quality and effectiveness. IgG is tested and quantified using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) in each batch of colostrum powders.

There are over 300 Standard Operating Procedures that control all aspects of the production process. Every step of manufacturing, material handling, finished goods release, line clearance, employee training and certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) are documented. Thirty-two cameras show every movement in the factory. Remote access allows us consistently follow all manufacturing process variables.


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